The Story of… Annie B.

For a person who is very active, loves the outdoors and the farm animal lifestyle, the word disability is the unthinkable. However, this is where I was heading quite rapidly. The regular chiropractic care that I had followed was no longer helping and the pain was increasingly unbearable, as well as other symptoms that paired with the condition of my neck. It was while waiting for the green light that I had noticed the sign of Dr. Harding. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, since I was a lost cause anyway, and nobody could do anything for me, and pain management seemed to be the only option, I decided to walk in and enquire about the care. I was greeted by very friendly staff that helped me with all the questions I had. I was at first very skeptical. How could this machine that just gave a little tap that one can barely feel help me?  When for many years of regular chiropractic twisting of my spine, that would always remind me of an exorcist scene, did not work.

But, I wanted to get better so I went ahead and signed in for the first appointment. It took Dr. Harding a few minutes to tell me about my condition with new information that no other doctor had told me before. I think what sold me was the accuracy of the recovery time. Almost day by day he described what would happen and had charts to explain everything to me. There is no way one can make that up! So in January I started under his wing. It is now May and we are right on target with what Dr. Harding had told me. I remember Dr. Harding entering the room and asked me how I was feeling. With a smile I responded, “I feel 20 years old again!” The pain is almost nonexistent, the loss of balance is almost gone, I have regained the use of my hands (not dropping objects all the time), nerve pain, tingling, burning, and numbness are no longer part of my life. My future as an active person looks so very bright! Looking back I wish I had walked into Dr. Harding’s office 15 years ago! It is an expense out of pocket, since my insurance does not cover it, but it is worth every penny! Now the pain and the possibility of being disabled just seems to be a bad nightmare I woke up from.

Thanks Dr. Harding and staff!