What AO Can Do For You

(4:19) This video describes how adjusting the atlas restores blood flow to the brain resolving numerous symptoms.


(3:48) Dr. Harding’s patients share wonderful success stories with Atlas Orthogonal adjustments resolving Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, migraine and headaches, phantom pain and head injury.

How it Works

(3:10) Dr. Harding describes how the atlas orthogonal instrument works. Taking x-rays, calculating a precise adjustment and painlessly adjusting each patient. The atlas orthogonal instrument is so gentle that it will not crack a fresh egg.

Jim McMahon

Montel Williams Show

(7:20) Watch this personal testimony on Montel William’s experience with Atlas Orthogonal as aired on his show. Includes an interview with Dr. Patrick Kerr and a video documentary of Montel’s own treatment.

Atlas Orthogonal Introduction

(8:45) Watch this easy to understand description of the Atlas Orthogonal technique. This video includes a explanation of:

  • Why symptoms of atlas subluxation may be felt in different ares of the body
  • What your examine will be like
  • How to the atlas orthogonal instrument is used
  • A brief history of the development of the technique

The Doctors – News 4

(8:46) Watch this video that chronicles the story of a woman who name Heidi who was left in chronic pain after falling off a horse and how Atlas Orthogonal treatment made her life normal again.