The Story of… Cindy H.

Car Accident – Trigeminal Nerve/Whiplash/Bulging Disc/Post Concussion Syndrome Issues – Help at last!

I am a 46 year old wife of a Pastor/biz owner, Home-educating mom of 4 beautiful blessings, and a K-12 Substitute Teacher. On December 10, 2009, I was rear-ended, while in our Ford Taurus, by an SUV going at least 45mph. We became the brakes for the SUV & were catapulted into the car ahead of us instantly. The things that began happening to my body after that were unlike anything I had/have experienced in my life. Prior to the accident, I had enjoyed 44 years of great health, had given birth to our 4 kiddos at home, and had been working out 3-4 times/wk happily & mostly consistently! 🙂 I had no PCP (didn’t have any issues!), never seen a Chiropractor once, and definitely never heard of an Upper Cervical Atlas Orthogonal Chiro. By Christmas day, 2009,  I collapsed on the couch, totally exhausted! It got worse for months and months. :0

Fast Forward 2 years post-accident:  After 2 years of searching for help/relief/answers, I was very pleasantly surprised when Doctor Harding carefully read my notes/symptoms page, asked me 3 questions, and then proceeded to examine my spine, nailing every “hot spot” on it in a matter of seconds. No MT/PT/Neuro/Surgeon/PCP came close to that in 2 years! Before “Doc H” (if I may!), my “treatment” was comparable to a HUGE guessing game, even after MRIs/x-rays, and my head/neck/back was the game board. Drugs & injections (aka/surgery!) & more drugs were the only options offered!

Fast Forward 8 months into treatment w/ Doc H: I have gained back about 60-75% of my daily life functioning, depending on the day, without experiencing any major symptoms. I have only taken Ibup twice, was taking 400-800 mgs every couple days. I continue to experience more gradual, yet consistent, progress as my Atlas remains more stable! My energy is up – only had to take a couple naps this past month (not a napper before the accident!). My mental processing is faster and clearer. Memory has improved. Last but definitely not least, I’ve had NO major Trigeminal Nerve episodes since starting treatment with Doc H & his amazing staff = GRATEFUL me!

I am NOT saying I’m totally cured! We’re still working to maintain my Atlas adjustment – it’s a process! I know only God can totally heal me this side of Heaven, but I drive 31 miles one way each time I come to visit and count my blessings every time I do! Thank my good Lord for Doc H, Dana, Deanne & Jenn! Keep up the great stuff!! 🙂

Cindy H.