The Story of… Raphael by his parents, Ray & Sheryl S.

There is no way to tell you what a difference your life’s work, Atlas Orthogonal, has been in our life and in that in the life of our youngest son, Raphael.

Raphael has suffered from seizures since birth. Some days as many as 150 per day. So many things used to trigger his seizures ~ flickering light, ceiling fans, driving in the car, lV, just to name a few.

In the past two years, before we found Dr Harding, the seizures were becoming more frequent and more severe. In fact, we had been to St. Louis Children’s Hospital in February of last year where he seized all day long. They suggested we go to UCLA for surgical evaluation. So concerned were we about his health that Raphael went on a Make-A-Wish trip in spring of last year. The seizures were becoming so severe he was losing consciousness, his ability to breathe and swallow, and even control continence. UCLA said he was not a candidate for brain resection. There seemed to be no hope.

Two months later, we found out about Dr. Harding, a special chiropractor. We figured we had nothing to loose. We would have never thought at that time that we would have so much to gain!

After one month of treatment, the seizures were decreasing in intensity and frequency. Nine months later, we currently find ourselves experiencing three weeks without any seizures, something that has never happened in his entire life. We’ve even weaned him off of one of three epilepsy drugs!

We thank God for you and for Dr Harding. Raphael has a much better future in store.

May Gob bless you for the hope you’ve brought to us and so many others.